Influence Of Pop Culture

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Influence or Influenced? The definition of pop culture is “Cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general mass of people.” But it is so much more than that. Pop culture has become a way of life for most Americans. It may look like it is reflecting the general public, but it the general public is more influenced by pop culture than pop culture is by the general public. Pop culture doesn’t give the people a voice. When someone says that it does they’re referencing the journalists, editors, and newscasters. They’re talking about the people that have gone to school and studied hard to learn tips and tricks to get the general population to read and watch what they do. They …show more content…
Pop Culture has been seen to be one thing that is influenced solely by the people. Anyone who may read a magazine or watch a reality television series has influenced the popularity of that magazine or series. The popularity of something and whether or not they keep writing about it or making the TV show about it is based on us, but the content is not. is saying that pop culture is based solely on the ideas of the general public. Although that definition seems completely accurate, they seem to be sending the wrong message to the public. The general public has read the definition of pop culture and agreed with it, but they don’t seem to completely grasp the concept. Although may think they have it right, pop culture is cultural activities or commercial products aimed towards the attention of the people. Not to exclude a specific class of people but to increase the popularity of some. It is easily seen as something influenced by society, when in reality it is the biggest influence on society. Pop culture is everything from music to sports and everything in between but every bit of pop culture influences part of society’s behavior. If a sports team loses almost everyone following that team takes it personally and starts having a bad day. Same goes for music. If a radio station plays a specific upbeat new song, usually it brightens the day of the listeners. Pop culture is not influenced by the people, only its popularity is. Its content is decided by the people behind it all. Pop culture molds people’s mind in a way nothing else can. Pop culture isn’t “the voice of the people” it is the role model for

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