How Does Music Affect Human Development

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Children require a lot of care and attention to help grow and develop. Not just physically but mentally too. Some parents may teach their children the ABCs or colors. But there are other aspects in the world that could affect development as well. Music has been shown to affect not only children when it comes to development, but adults as well. Music can affect many things with humans. Music can drastically improve the brain, cure the body/health, and change behavior.
A musician 's brain is much different than that of an average person. Music impacts the brain in many ways. “In this view, musicianship is not only an exquisite form of knowledge, it is a unique source of one of the most important kinds of knowledge humans can achieve: self-knowledge”
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Music can calm people and excite/awake people. “Can music soothe the savage beast, or does it bring out the inner beast in us all?” (Taylor). Stores and other businesses will use this magical power to manipulate the behavior of customers. Music can change how fast or slow customers may shop. If a shop plays fast music, the customers are more likely to walk faster and shop faster, getting them out the door faster. When slow music is played, it can cause customers to slow down and take their time. This can also of course cause customers to buy more products as well. The volume of music can affect people’s behavior too. If music is loud, it can make customers get out of the store faster. Most stores will play louder music near closing to get customers out. I can say this is true from experience working at Walgreens. Playing classical music in a store can make customers question pricing if it’s not a high end store and make them think twice about buying something. If classical music is played in a high end shop, then the customer may buy more expensive stuff. The genre of music can also determine the behavior of someone. Studies show that adolescents that listen to rock and rap were more involved in derelict activity such as the use of alcohol and drugs as well as poor grades and sexual assault. Teens/children who listen to this music are also more likely to be depressed/suicidal and belong to flawed families. Higher pitch and increased tempo in music can cause people to feel anxiety. Video games and even movies will use this during intense scenes. Music with a lower pitch, causes people to feel calm, while slow tempos can cause people to feel depressed. Music has the power to increase dopamine levels in your brain. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for making you feel-good, also sometimes known as the “feel-good

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