Automobile Industry Analysis

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Shaping The Automotive Industry

The Influences of modern design on the automotive industry has been mapped from 1885 till the present day. The first vehicle came with no outer shell was only an engine and a three wheels, exposing all the mechanics for easy access; the functionality was more important than the looks. Latter automobile industry was influenced by many factors and aesthetics including what was in style relating to fashion, makeup, movies, architecture, popular culture, and space technology. Some of the significant influences are Karl Benz , Henry Ford, Ornate Edawrdin architecture , the great depression in 1930 and the arrival of world war two, space race and modern lifestyle . We living now in the Modern era of car design,
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The vehicles of this era were named under the Classical era of car industry, which was characterized with less geometrical forms, leaning towards being more passionate and faster. Technology helped in providing cars with more efficient aerodynamics and more luxurious forms. Inspiring car designers to design their vehicles after trains and airplanes. Towards the end of this era the automobile industry was heading into a dark tunnel due to the over use of unrealistic airplanes inspirations, which left the cars with wider tires and with compromised body design. The space race was one of the new preaching influences on car design emerging the automotive industry from the gutter after world war two was over starting in 1949. When General Motors adopted the new inspirational technology and gave the car one piece-frame body, which resembles molding all the parts of the car in one shell, which became an orthodox method of designing cars up till now. In 1959 Cadillac introduced the Cyclone, which was a reflection of the V2 missile frame architecture naming this era of car design as the Integration …show more content…
Staring from the Invention era , which took the credit for the internal combustion engine to the Integration era, where speed was their main concern. When the body was nailed to its theoretical, the Manufacturing era mastered the mass production. Then came the Integration era, with a unified body frame that facilitated the evolving of the Modern car design that we live in now. Labeling the cares into three main themes now, the hatchback, sedan, and sports car. The future influences of the car industry will be the zero emission capability and the autonomous drivability of the car, which is considered another recent trend that will dominate the automotive industry very soon. Nevada has already adopted the idea and applied it to its streets regulations. Some examples of modern cars are the 2010 Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt and the 2008 Tesla Roadster the first capable high way all electric vehicle to be on sale in the US

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