Didactic, Reflective, And Effective Roles

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The three types of learning that Zevin argues in chapter three which are didactic, reflective, and affective roles. The didactic roles are designed to convey information to the students. During the lesson, the teacher will give the students informational data about the subject. The data should be accurate and meaningful. The three important things you should know is authority, resource, and guide. When you understand the three important things you will be able to understand the didactic role better. To understand it better you will also understand want you, teacher, better and understand the facts, ideas, and conclusions about the source. During the lessons, the teacher will lecture, recitations, and consolations. The students will gain knowledge …show more content…
The important facts are catalyst questioner, scientific inquiries, and artistic interpreter of symbols. The reflective roles for students demand them to take evidence and facts during the lessons. With this, the students will create their own theories for the event, topic, or problem. The teacher will help the student to shape structures and stimulate the ideas of the students. The main goal for reflective teaching is to continue the student to think critically. The affective role is the main goal is to help controversies, contested values, and beliefs at personal, social and philosophical levels. The affective role teacher will bring value, feelings, and sensitive issues for the student to discuss. With the discussion, it will help the student to examine their behavior, values, beliefs, and actions of others. The affective role will help students develop empathy between the audiences and material. It is very important for affective role teachers to draw out the emotion from the lessons. Dealing with emotion you have to be careful with what you say. Studies should that empathy have a great impact in the social studies …show more content…
I can see the importance of all the learning roles in the classroom. If I had to choose one I think it would be didactic. The reason I believe this is because didactic is more of a lecture based role. I think lectures work best at the college level. During high school, I think you have to keep thing interesting to keep the students forced. If you lecture all classes, the students will get bored and not pay attention in class. I know I did when I was that age. I do believe that you have to use all three during the

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