Infidelity And Its Effects On The Life Time Of The Spouses Essay

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Marriages go through many problems in the life time of the spouses. But in my opinion, I think that infidelity causes the worst heartache and devastation. The issue of infidelity seems to totally undermine the very foundations of what the marriage is built on.
Infidelity might not be easy to define. This is probably because what might be considered as infidelity will vary from one couple to another. For instance, some couple might define infidelity in the context of emotional connection while others infidelity must be sexual in nature. Therefore, each individual in the couple will have to define what constitutes infidelity for them.
Generally speaking though, Psychology today defines Infidelity as “breaking a promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner”. It went on to say that this said assurance may come in different ways, from wedding vows sanctified by the state to confidentially expressed unwritten promises between lovers. (Pittman, 2012)
Lusterman in his write-up said “Extramarital affairs have captured the public imagination for centuries. Literature, theater, opera, and film abound with tales of the compelling excitement and the destructive power of such liaisons”. (Lusterman, 1995). This goes to show how far the subject of infidelity has been entrenched in our society.
Jones in his book postulates on how ironic it is that betrayals occur most often in relationships to which most persons have turn to for their most interpersonal needs…

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