Inequality Pay In Social Work

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Social work is beneficial to the society, it restores client’s mental and physical health

and promote justice in the society. I argue that social worker deserves higher monetary

benefits as extrinsic reward because social worker requires high degree of proficiency.

Interview with Kate Soderberg helps me deepen knowledge of social worker and make

me realize the amount of education is not equal to the pay and the issue should be

improve. I will introduce Cnaan, R., & Kang, C. and Gibelman, M., & Schervish, P’s

article to demonstrate inequality pay in social worker and some methods used to improve


After interviewed with Kate Soderberg, a professional social worker who has over

thirty years of social work experience, I gained
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The value conflict that Kate

encounters was dealing with a Wiccan couple. The couple has a child in Kate’s foster

care and they refuse to let the foster care takes their child to church every Sunday because

it is religious conflict. Therefore, Kate arranged another service for this child. This is

value conflict because Kate is a faithful Christian. To Kate, the positive aspect of being a

social worker is to helping people to live a better life, while she is helping others ,she

said, she became part of others’ life, it just a miracle job because it does wonderful things

to the society as a whole. The negative aspect is the enormous amount of time in social

work education and its pay. Even though high-paid social work job exists but it is very

rare, high-paid is not the norm in social service. Kate’s suggestions for people who plan

to be a social worker career is to consider the salaries, it does not look good if you

compare to its long road of education, but social work create great things, it is a very

valuable job. My two questions are “what is a struggle you face in your work?”
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Value is a way to demonstrate the performance of

work, financial value can reveal how importance of social work in society. First method

is Contingent Valuation Method, when public goods and service is hard to estimate its full

value under its uncertainty and free ride dilemma, people’s willingness to pay(WTP) in

certain social problem shows how much people want to support it, this method helps

estimate work’s value. For example, it estimates gerontology and conduct how much

client value the service they received. The second method used in value social worker’s

pay called Hedonic Price Value(HPV), researcher studies a area based on its worth value

in investment. For example, how to solve someone’s problem living in gang

neighborhood, “researcher can value the cost of social problem and estimate whether an

intervention is worth the investment”, that being said, the worthy investment gets higher

attention and the higher pay towards social worker. The third method called Replacement

value, it replaces nonprofits organizations service with government programs, which

offers the same service but higher price for social worker.

Social service is beneficial because it promotes welfare, brings peace and justice

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