Social Work In Pakistan Case Study

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Definition of Social Work
Social work aims at improving the quality of life and enhances welfare of individuals, families, couples, groups, and communities through different ways including research, direct practice, policy planning, crisis and community development. It ensures security for those affected by social problems such as poverty, mental and physical disabilities etc. It acts as a platform to raise voice against social inequality and induce social reforms. It also involves social activities against disobedience of civil liberties and human rights.
It helps people to actively engage in helping others to help themselves. Problems and issues are solved saystematically and scientifically in this profession. It is devoted to the pursuit
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Help people overcome some of life’s most hard challenges: poverty, inequity, violence, addiction, physical illness, divorce, unemployment, educational problems, disability, and mental illness.
Scope of Professional Social Work in Pakistan
The scope of social work practice continues to increase as old and new bio-psycho-socio-economic and political needs require concern. Social work knowledge, skills, and technologies are growing efficiently. Hence, training advances, settings and roles of the profession have considerably extended. There are certain areas or fields which provide a good scope for the practice of professional social work in a developing country like Pakistan.
Social Development
Social development means that all the people of the country have better living standard and have good health and better facilities of education and peaceful conditions in the country where people have all the rights and dignity and everyone is equal in the eyes of law. Social development is the welfare of society so that people can live peacefully and have better choices to choose profession and employment. It basically deals with the creation of awareness among people that will help to work out their problems and resources. People are mostly illiterate and have no idea about their duties and
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We cannot progress unless our political system is rectified. Most of our politicians are corrupt and have a neglecting attitude towards the public. People from the middle class can neither go for elections nor participate in political activities. The reason behind this is that they cannot afford such things. Furthermore, they are honest and hardworking and the corrupt environment of politics does not suit them. Hence, the allied class goes into politics making the system of the government poor and non-affective.
Conservative Society
Change is very important in a society. It is a sign of life and shows activity. But our society consists mainly of conservatives who resist against change. This, over a long term, leads to the destruction of society. If similar things pile up continuously, the accumulation leads to saturation. When something is saturated, it does not have space for more. Change should be according to cultural values and norms so that it is easier for the people to accept it. Otherwise, there will be resistance to that change and majority of the people will show a lack of acceptance. Counselling can be efficient for generating a change in not only the people’s minds but also in the society as a

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