My Long-Term Goals To Build A Social Work Career

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“Social workers save just as many lives as doctors do.” Those are the words that a wise professor said at my sisters graduation at USC while she earned her MSW. Those words have been engraved in my mind because I firmly believe that social workers have the ability to not only change the world but save it as well. In addition, my understanding of the social work profession is that it is a service to humanity while assisting others and putting their needs before your own. It’s about social justice and making a difference in the underprivileged and vulnerable populations and dedicating your time to improve their lives and advocate for those who might not be able to do so for themselves. It’s about the worth of others, and understanding the value …show more content…
First, by gaining social work practice in community organization and being employed by a non-profit or grassroots organization where I wish to gain more knowledge about raising funds, writing grants and planning infrastructure. Nevertheless, my central dream is to develop my own community organization where I will manage in human service programs and will use my knowledge from USC where I will have a emphasis on strategic management. Additionally, I will take that knowledge to help determine the needs of the youth and develop resources for them. My goal and vision is not to control the youth, but create a safe and nourishing environment in which the youth feel as if anything can happen. I want to address the essence of the transformative process for individuals and society. I want to create a system of relationship’s while creating an environment in which a community is built from the ground up. I want to dedicate myself to the youth, and let them know that the community supports them and are with them, I want to fill any void that might exist in their life and restore hope. I want to fight for them and I want to demand more investment in schools and I want to reconstruct new ways to protect our youth. Because it should not be easy to just lock our children up and let them be another statistic. I want to take on the voice that will help the youth

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