Essay on Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution steered humans into doing what was thought to be impossible. By the 1800s, the creation of energy resources, goods, and jobs skyrocketed worldwide. From Britain, to Germany, France, Belgium, and the United States, citizens began to urbanize their cities into more stabilized and sanitary communities. In result of creating a more salubrious environment, people throughout many countries began to live longer. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily negative consequences for society because of child labor, it was actually a positive thing for society. Moreover, industrialization’s positive effects were new energy resources, cheaper products, and new jobs.
With the genesis of the Industrial Revolution came the beginning of new energy resources. “As the Industrial Revolution spread to the United States, plants such as [this] textile factor[ies] appeared such as the one in document three,” ( Document 3). In addition, many factories similar to these used steam engines instead of hand-worked machines to produce energy. The steam engine required coal to be used as fuel in order for the machine to work. In this case, the only negative outcome in this situation would be that some children would be obligated to work and could possibly be injured in the mines. “As shown in document 3, factories such as these are mainly where new energy sources are produced,” (Document 3). These factories could be of electrical use, such as a factory for…

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