Individual Assignment: Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Essay

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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
University of Phoenix
MKT 571: Marketing
Instructor: Bryan Spearman
July 22nd, 2010

In the case study of Classic Airline (CA), the paper use problem-solving model to solve CA’s marketing problem. After taking into account of the internal and external pressures contributing the CA’s current crisis, the new objective of implementing strategic market plan to resolve solution is clarified; furthermore, potential issues of implementation is also considered to ensure impact of the plan. The paper will also highlight that implementation of improved CRM which expected to significantly improve the profitability of the organization. Successful
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[ (Emlyn Neuman-Javornik, 2006) ] The key step is management awareness and proactive action taken to minimize the risk factors. An effective risk-management program based on three critical phrases: Creation, Communication and Commitment. Creation is referring the solid cross-companywide statement of policy which states a clear expectation and govern ethical standard of conduct toward the all stakeholders including employee, managers, suppliers and officers; Communication, allows all levels of stakeholder to understand the statement policy and oversee any differences before it progresses; Last and most importantly, the commitment of employees, managers, partners and suppliers to invested in the company’s policy and shared vision as same as they are equally liable for the consequence if violates the policy. [ (Emlyn Neuman-Javornik, 2006) ] “The creative difference between reality and the vision is a way of seeing progress and an objective that serves as a motivator for a lot of people.” [ (Senge, 1997) ] Senge also states that the vision should come from all levels within an organization instead of being applied “top down”. Despite the individual belief and differences, it is vital for Classic Airline to establish a shared vision among all stakeholders in order for the organization continues creating value. In addition, the importance of a shared vision is

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