Indirect Abortion Essay

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“Abortion has been traditionally defined as the explosion or removal of a nonviable fetus” (Baillie, McGeehan, R. Garrett & T. Garrett, 200). A total of 664,435 abortions has been reported to the CDC for the year 2013. This is an abortion ratio of 200 abortions per 1,000 live births. (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report). There are different views on if it is moral or ethical to abort a fetus while it is still in the mother’s womb. There is the pro-life view, which is against abortion and believes that life begins at conception. There is also the pro-choice view, which advocates legalizing abortion and feels that woman should have the right to choose. Nowadays, abortions are more accessible to individuals. However, is it ethical to do so? …show more content…
An indirect abortion is when there is an unintended side effect to something whether it was from a medicine taken, procedure being done or something else. While a direct abortion is the intended consequence, the fetus is destroyed deliberately. Even though abortion may be evil, the indirect abortion may offset it to being good if the woman is using the medicine or doing the procedure to keep them alive and stable. The saving of the woman’s life is valued. In this case, abortion is considered to be a reasonable procedure because the mother would have to be alive to keep the fetus alive. When it comes down to direct abortions, this principle brings up the moral dilemma on if the fetus has rights. Pro-life individuals believe that the fetus has rights and destroying the infant is an attack on the fetus’s rights. Then this principle is a way of proving direct abortions to be unethical because the second condition will not be verified. The agent would have to only intend the good effect and not the evil one. In this case, if the fetus has rights, the mother is not only having good come from it but is also doing something evil by killing the unborn …show more content…
Some of these risks include death, damage to the organs, infection, heavy bleeding, scarring of the uterine lining, and perforation of the uterus (Possible Physical Side Effects After Abortion). Only one of the six main headings for the motives of abortion is therapeutic. This is considered therapeutic because it is to save the mothers life or because of other medical indications. Women who have an abortion are three times more likely to commit suicide than that of the general population (19 Shocking Post Abortion Depression Statistic). Although abortion seems easier than dealing with the consequences of having sex, the feelings of doing the procedure can be life-changing. From a pro-choice standpoint, the question arises on what if the woman was raped? There are psychological effects from carrying a baby by the man who raped you, but similiar effects are also seen from an abortion.
Pro-choice believers say that woman should be able to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health. Did that same woman not make a decision when she decided to have sex? Individuals are always looking for a way to change the consequences they receive from their actions. All life should be considered precious. Women made their decision to be open about the possibility of a child in their life when they decided to consummate their

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