Essay on Indigenous Peoples And The Justice System

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There are an inordinately large number of Indigenous people in some phase of the justice system, from youth in probation to adults in some phase of the correctional system. Indigenous youth and women are often overlooked when it comes to statistics and studies on Indigenous peoples within the legal system; however, this paper will attain to be all inclusive in this matter. There are three main issues to be looked at when we address Indigenous peoples in the justice system: The root causes behind these offenses, the treatment of the indigenous peoples while incarcerated, and finally, the rehabilitation services for them once they are released. My goal is to centralize the Indigenous court workers of Canada to consolidate our power as proud Indigenous peoples.

The numbers prove that we have a serious issue in Canada when it comes to Indigenous peoples and the judicial system. In Canada Indigenous peoples make up approximately 4% of the total population of Canada; however approximately 23% of the federal inmate population is Indigenous. This breaks down to 71% being First Nation, 24% Metis and 5% Inuit (Purdy, 2013). In the “Report to Show Aboriginal Prison Population has Risen”, Big Canoe said “a history of over-incarcerating First Nations people has played a significant role in today’s current rates, where aboriginals are disproportionately represented”. Within these numbers Indigenous women make up the fastest growing segments of the prison population in Canada. 34 per…

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