Indian Star Restaurant Analysis

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¬¬¬Restaurants play an important role in most countries as they provide various facilities like employment, entertainment and services to the community. In Rotorua one of the Best choices of restaurant for dinning is the Indian Star Restaurant which is located on Tutanekai Street. Indian Star Restaurant is a Restaurant which encourages you to come back again for its mouthwatering food. This Essay will include the following aspects related to the Background of Indian star Restaurant ,what innovative practices /products/service did they implement ,aim of Initiative, what research was taken to support it, results and success factors ,challenges (Indian Star: Tandoori Restaurant, n.d.).
Mr. Ray Singh owner of the restaurant graduated in hospitality
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Keeping in mind the end goal to achieve the targets it is conceivable just to do ones best, let things happen, and perceive how it all turns out a more successful option and one all the more dependably conductive to the achievement of target is to arrange for what is to happen one can consider planning in case of Indian star firstly he planned about location of restaurant because best location means more customers and more business after that he plan about facilities, service , image, price (Medlik, 1994; R. Singh, personal communication, June 13, …show more content…
Singh hard work and dedications lead Indian star at top in 2006 they won providing quality hospitality training to national qualification award, in 2007 they won Rotorua business excellence award by Westpac, in 2012 they won outstanding restaurant sponsored By APRA $ PRNZ, in 2013 outstanding takeaway in 2014 they won Destination Rotorua people’s choice award and award for outstanding waiter was won by Jasdeep Singh working as manager at Indian star(Indian Star: Tandoori Restaurant, n.d.;R.Singh, personal communication, June 13,2015) . There are number of Factors behind success they are positive self- promotion, positive confidence of staff and supplier relationships, relating positively to customers, a positive impression. To shine like a star it’s not an easy task life is very challenging same way Mr. Ray face many challenges like to find best staff and keep them for a long time ,major challenge was in 2008 that what economic downfall but Mr. Rays’s confidence lead him towards success. Beginning an eatery is a testing and requesting undertaking, as the fine-eating industry is extremely focused. He don’t look around just focus on his own business, well maintain friendly relation with competitors, and by this Indian star cover the majority of the market share, and still expanding day by day growth is on the way initially there was only one branch presently they are working with four branches and will work for more (R. Singh, personal communication,

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