India Is An Old Country Essay

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India is an old country which has been ruled by different groups of people and dynasties such as Rajput, Babur, Mughals, and then British. But they have been treated by slaves only by the British people (The English). There has been a long and gigantic history about India, which remains untold to the world.
Today, I will talk about such person who suffers all the problems that were faced by Indian people and the Government when they got independence. On the very day of 14th August 1947, the English we(Indian) won the fight for independence, and that day we divided into two countries; India and Pakistan because of the English. In addition, till the day we are enemies because of the English and remains the most feared countries to start a new world war. Apart from that India got Independence on 15th August 1947 and started a freed and independent country with the heroes, freedom fighters, fear, horror, depth and much more. On 10th February 1950, my Grandfather (from my dad’s side) was born, his name is Jayantilal Morarbhai Bhakta. His life had been started with all new energy and the enthusiasm, and during the same year Indian national constitution came into force which was written by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He was born in a small town in Surat, Gujarat, India (west part of India) where people are mostly engaged in agricultural field. He has nothing new to move ahead because there was very less literate people in the country. The country was in a depression, because it was…

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