India And New Zealand Have Good And Friendly Relationship Essay

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. India and New Zealand have good and friendly relationship. India is the largest country in the world. India is becoming a lucrative market for food imports, with a growing population. For New Zealand exporters, the biggest market is in processed food, dairy, milk, coffee and Seafood. They are even sharing a common historical connection with the British Empire. They are already doing trading with each other.

The ministry of primary industries of New Zealand and the ministry of agriculture of India signed in New Delhi on July 2012 an official Assurance programme for the Export of Mango from India to New Zealand, I think it will be facilitate export of mangoes to New Zealand. There are not good quality of mangoes in New Zealand. And there is not variety of mangoes. Maybe this is the main reason for expensive of mangoes. New Zealand can trade with the India for Agricultural products.

New Zealand can offer the good education opportunities to Indian students for further study. In the recent years, many students are coming to New Zealand for higher studies. In this way, the New Zealand economy is increasing day by day. New Zealand can offer the job opportunities to Indian student so that they can prove their self. If they will get the good income then they will work for New Zealand. They can help to developing the New Zealand.

India and New Zealand can open the bank branches in each other countries. For example, bank of Baroda and bank of India, these are Indian banks but now…

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