Essay Inclusion Of Public Education : A Necessity Or Self Damaging

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Inclusion In Public Education: A necessity or self-damaging

Inclusion in public education, in other words, the combining of special needs individuals with regular students in the everyday life classrooms. Specials needs individuals are students in which have been labeled to have LD (Learning Disabilities). Learning disability means that a student has a hard time being able to participate in the act of learning like other children. The child has developmental problems that interfere with everyday activities. While other children are able to participate in the learning cycle accordingly without any interference. Children who are considered to have special needs are usually separated from students who are not. Inclusion in education will get rid of the boundaries in present day life allowing both students of special needs are non-LD to learn in the same room. This paper will discuss the history of special education, the needs of the child, the struggles and the several points of view. Before introducing the history of special education, we must first understand what is LD. In the 21st century there are several different learning disabilities and even then there are different levels of them. According to masters in special education, the 5 most common learning disability are; Dyslexia, ADHD,Dyscalculia, dysgraphia and processing deficits. What does it mean to have either of these? Having Dyslexia means that you have a troubled time being able to read and…

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