Essay on Incarceration Of Prison Without Parole

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Adolescents, or those under the age of eighteen, have been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Often times these children feel there is no point to their life and therefore lack motivation to improve their circumstances. You cannot judge a book by its cover. Ask yourself this, is life in prison without parole the most suitable punishment for a minor given a surplus of circumstances? Life sentencing for juveniles is being questioned that it can be ruled unconstitutional because it is seen as cruel and unusual punishment. However, when you have issues such as politicians who are tough on crime, a greater focus on the victim rather than the circumstances of the accused, society feeling threatened by possible future crimes, and the media not reporting the complete facts of crimes; the reasoning of the situation is tucked away. These causes lead to juveniles being sentenced to life in prison with no mercy.
Across the United States crime is a popular concern and topic of debate. Fortunately, politicians can use it to their advantage. Politicians look for support from a majority of individuals, who they promise that they will crack-down on crime. However, by doing this we are not only worsening the punishment for adults but for juveniles as well. Also, the court systems tend to focus more on the victim rather than the situation as a whole. Our court systems fail to look at the circumstances of the accused; it is possible that the accused is a victim as well.…

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