Emergency Care System

In The US Emergency Care System: Meeting Everyday Acute Care Needs While Being Ready for Disasters, Nicole Lurie, Gregg S. Margolis, and Kristin L. Rising, state important points to why an Emergency Room should only be utilized as Urgent Care. The article was written as part of research an attempt to improve better outcomes in Emergency Departments. They are in search of a suitable action plan to suit both the non emergent and emergent situations. This paper will review the authors purpose to why an Emergency Department should be used to why it should not along with issues that arise and make things difficult to accomplish a perfect working system.
The US Emergency Care System recaps the Boston marathon Bombing in 2013. It briefly describes
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There were some issues that came up that did touch home. I work as an ER Clerk and see many issues that arise due to the lack of staff, lack of capabilities, lack of room available, and long wait. As The US Emergency Care System states “excessive and inappropriate utilization is wasteful and an diminish “surge capacity” when it is most needed.” This statement is not just directed to the non emergent visits, but to outpatient procedure that take place in an ER room by a specialist. Often do specialist doctors have patients meet them in an ER room to do a quick procedure from, getting a pacer fixed, reducing the amount of fluid in their lap band, to getting monitors hooked up for ECGs, or over night heart monitors. More and more are rooms getting used for other then its purpose, doctors using the staff to help with their procedure because they do not want to call extra staff in. This causes a longer wait time and probable using that staff to help triage, or help with a critical patient. Nothing can be done about it because of politics of either hospital or state. Another statement that is similar as to the previous “Use of the ED continues to grow, while the number of ED declines.” Also tries to justify that that even though the rooms are constantly filled, but are they really being used for what it meant to? No because even though out patient procedure happen which is …show more content…
I can honestly say that I agree with the majority of the article, but disagree that we will be able to meet in the middle. Every year laws change to empower the community which is great, but when will they use the law to empower the staff, to be treated with respect, to utilize the Emergency department as it is meant to be. When will they see that the staff has to work around patients that either abuse the system because the EMTALA act allows them to. When patients abuse the system they don’t realize how expensive it is to just sit in a room that often can not afford the bill and the rates increase, others end up pay for it. No matter how hard we try to find the perfect Emergency care system we will never find the appropriate level of care because disaster are never the same the preparedness changes we learn from every disaster to prepare for the next, but we never know when it will happen. Acts and laws constantly change that it makes it difficult to to find the perfect system. Most importantly we need to start by utilizing the ED, Urgent care appropriate so we can be prepared when the time is

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