In The Garden Outside The House Film Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… In one particular shot light will be used outside as a back light to create a shadow of the antagonist.
In the next shot should, this shadow on the white material will be used to amplify to the audience that the antagonist isnt doing this out of free will and so it looks like he is out of place, because he is put here and he is still a lazy guy. Taken by unknown *(
The main character revelation will be Carrie. When she is in the kitchen the first time the kitchen will look colder and the second time after she is in the kicthen it will have a slightly warmer colour. Because some scenes will be shot interior and some exterior, shooting will be done with 250d film. CTB will be needed to colour correct the interior shots. In the kitchen a full CTB will be used for the cooler effect and only half CTB will be used for the warmer shot. This is going to be done because Carrie feels better about herself and don’t feel so bad about Thando ignoring
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Always keep a neat gear station out of the and against a wall away from people. All cases must be closed and latched and safe from getting stolen or wet. Never use equipment on a wet place and just do one thing at a time when working with it.
When setting up a light stand, camera or C-stand, secure it with at least one sandbag so that it won’t fall over or damage, when someone bumps it or trip over the cable or anything. Start to raise a light or C-stand from the highest lock-off grip to the lowest so that you can reach the lock-off grip if you need to.
The cable of a light or an extension should be as far out of the way as possible. If it on a spot where people walk, the cable must be gaffer taped to the floor. A cable should be rolled up in a figure eight underneath the lamp, because it can create an electrical current and melt the cable. It also helps for if someone pulls the cable, the light won’t fall over because there is enough slack for it. Rolling up a cable can’t be done any way. Rolling it up around the arm will only wrinkle and damage the cable. The way to do it is by holding one point in your hand so that it is hanging and rolling it up by letting the cable follow how it has rolled up before. Then the cable must be tied with a piece of rope attached to it, the same way a shoe lace is tied with the two

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