Improving The Quality Of Human Life Essay example

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I strive to enhance the quality of human life. The human race is plagued with disease, disorders and societal plights that treatment with traditional medicine would cease to assuage the recurrent issues. For example, diabetes is currently one of the top health challenges in the United States. The influx of diabetic patients will not decrease with insulin treatment alone, one must alter their injurious diet. Physicians are expected to treat patients based on symptoms. The analysis is then capped with a prescription for medication. I contend that a thorough and unbiased investigation of a patient’s health would yield suitable diagnosis and treatment. In allopathic medicine, the consensus is to adopt the “ treat the symptoms” phenomenon which a lot of physicians practice. When doing so, physicians often miss the endemic nature of the patient and thereby follow impertinent protocol for treatment. I concur that implementing optimum treatment and care needed for every patient will more readily relinquish the recurring conditions that medical personnel witness.
Furthermore, studies have shown that people of color specifically, African American or Latino descent receive lower quality care and treatment due to innumerable reasons. Not only does this affect the minority class, but it also affects the health of the nation. This is why I am interested in health disparities. Although, minorities represent only a small population of the U.S. that small subpopulation is enough to make a…

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