Improving Quality Of Health Care Services Essay

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Improving Quality of Health Care Services
The patient safety is the top priority for every member of health care team. Unfortunately, the various threats are jeopardizing patient’s safety during inpatient hospital stay and ambulatory care. The hospitals’ responsibility is to get the patient better while keeping them safe because safety concerns often tie directly to patient outcomes. The purpose of this paper is to provide the summary of hospital-acquired infection safety initiatives and describe the effectiveness while looking for additional alternatives to improve the effort.

A quality and/or safety initiative
The hospital-acquired infection is one of the major threats to patient safety in many health care facilities. Patient during hospitalization is at risk for the several types of infections; however, there are four common ones: urinary tract infection, surgical site infection, pneumonia and bloodstream infection. These infections have devastating emotional, financial, and therapeutic effects on the patients and health care system. The banalest type of health care-associated infection is urinary tract infection (UTI) because it is mostly occurring after placement of the often unnecessary, convenient and quickly forgotten urinary catheter. Furthermore, “among urinary tract infections acquired in the hospital, approximately 75% are associated with urinary catheters” (CDC, 2015). In fact, the prevention of catheter-associated UTI (CAUTI) used to be a little…

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