Improving Healthy Study Habits During The Fight Against Procrastination

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To study is to devote time and attention to gain knowledge of a subject. To flourish each student must determine the specific method that best fits how their brain synthesizes the information presented. The environment being studied in also impacts the amount of productivity and the quality of the work. Attitude is a key factor in the fight against procrastination. Developing an attitude to maintain healthy study habits early on can help students know how to get through many other challenges faced in different circumstances. Success stems from how well students adapt to a certain study method and execute positive study habits. Everyone has a certain approach to being the most productive student possible.
Different study methods work for different people. There are three main study methods that are used by most; visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Usually, students learn best through one specific method, but some many benefit most from a combination of all. Visual learners understand information best when it is written down or expressed through charts or pictures. For example, someone with a photographic memory would be a visual learner, because they memorize information by looking at it. Kinesthetic learners are hands-on and like to express through demonstrations rather than writing. These types of students learn best in groups, where they are able to talk through everything and use examples to support reasoning’s. The auditory method helps students who learn best from…

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