Improving Effectiveness Of The Bibb County Sheriff Department Operations

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Introduction This fall semester, I was honored with the privilege of interning with the Bibb County Sherriff Department under the supervision of Cindy Gresham, the executive assistant. Historically, this agency was two separate entities, the Macon Police Department and the Bibb County Sheriff Department. In the year of 2003, the two separate agencies became consolidated into one unified formalized government formally known today as “the Bibb County Sheriff Department.” Ultimately, this consolidation prompted many changes with the policy and procedures of the newly formed agency. There are a few areas that needs improvement as it could potential hinder the overall effectiveness of the agency operations. This two areas is communication and the use of cell phones in the correction system. This paper will provide an in-depth analysis of two critical steps necessary to improve the effectiveness of the Bibb County Sheriff Department operations.

Communication Issues One of the biggest areas that the Bibb County Sheriff Office (BCSO) is severely struggling with is communication. Communication skills are critically important. It is viewed as a fundamental skill that is the foundation of any agency. As we have learned in our criminal justice class, “effective communication is the number one skill and quality of law enforcement ("Qualities of a Good Law Enforcement Professional", n.d.).” As an intern for this agency, the different departments I was assigned to were unaware…

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