Essay Improving Customer Service And Communication

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Improving Customer Service

Mark Ott

Malone University

Abstract The topic of improving customer service and communication is a subject of research interest. The outside corporate customer sales group is the interface with the end customer. The commercial sales group has functioned well in the past. However, with the increase in manufacturing capability and the large scale global footprint, customers have started to complain about the overall customer service and communication of the organization. This paper provides research relating to the importance of outstanding customer service, and the advantages that are gained when improving its effectiveness. This document also emphasizes the importance of communication along with leadership styles and techniques that will be required in order to implement the changes to achieve the goal of delighting the customer base. Keywords: customer service, communication, leadership styles

Improving Customer Service The outside corporate customer sales department at Sonoco is charged with the responsibility of managing the commercial relationships of its top customers. The group is responsible for managing a base business of approximately $1.0 billion in annual sales which represents 20% of Sonoco’s overall annual sales. The group consists of thirty-one outside sales managers with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Some have many years of service with the organization while others have…

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