Customer Communication Behavior

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Communication Behaviour holds significant importance as a contributing factor to overall customer service. By display of suitable or unsuitable behaviour, the quality and effectiveness of the customer service relationship is determined. Customer service is provided before during and after the customers’ needs have been met. The requirements of a good customer service relationship are achieved through rapport building, engaging in active listening, having empathy, and showing respect.The Evidence to be presented has been taken from a scenario which was provided where an interview took place where the customer requested to know the status of her loan application concluding to the point where she asks for a manager. The behaviours of the interviewer will be analysed and a determination will be made if the behaviour displayed by the interviewer were satisfactory or unsatisfactory including the impacts on the customer service relationship.

Building rapport is a skill that creates the foundation for a worthy and lasting customer service relationship, “it means that we connect with whom we are speaking on an interpersonal level; we connect with them as a person. It means we are interested in them and what they have to say.” (Davies, 2015, p. 5).At the commencement of the interview, the customer arrived with the intention of expecting an update
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Active listening is the act of listening for understanding.”(davies, 2015, p.pg15).The customer as an existing client should not have to reintroduce their issue after a relationship has been established. The interviewer has failed to remember not only the reason for the customers loan application but also the name of the customer. This displays poor active listening skills by the

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