Improving Awareness Of Targeted Behaviors Specified On An Individualized Education Plan Through A Case Study

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This paper is examining the affect of using ClassDojo to monitor and encourage awareness of targeted behaviors specified in an Individualized Education Plan through a case study. This study will follow the three triangulation points of data from numerical occurrences tracked through ClassDojo, anecdotal record from the researcher, and numerical occurrences tracked through self-reflection by the student in the form of a checklist. From using these components of data, primarily in support of ClassDojo, we are hoping to accomplish the following: (1) an increase in appropriate behaviors displayed by the student, specifically in relation to time spent transitioning and being on task and (2) a more efficient way of tracking data to use for information regarding the student’s Individualized Education Plan.

BACKGROUND The following research was conducted in a small, suburban elementary school in central Virginia. Most of the data collected is in a small group direct-instruction setting with a maximum of seven students and typically at least two teachers present. The other portion of data collection will be completed in inclusion classrooms. The student focused on is in third grade with an Individualized Education Plan.
I was first introduced to ClassDojo in my fall field placement. I was immediately fascinated by the friendly monster characters assigned to each student, delightful bings when the student was praised, the bright colors, and simple and…

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