Important Nursing Theory And Self-Care Theory

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Important Nursing Theorists I can relate to several nursing theorists, but there are three I relate to the most. The theorists I can relate to more than others are Dorothea E. Orem, Virginia Henderson, and Betty Neuman. With extensive research of each I have found that many people relate to theses theorists the most. I relate to Orem because of her belief in self-care for patients. I believe people should care for themselves when they can and not be dependent on others. I relate to Henderson because she stressed the care for people who or sick or well that will aid them in wellness. I love how she mentions that nursing is not all about caring for the sick. I relate to Neuman because I agree that stress plays a huge role on wellness and I mention later in my philosophy statement.
Dorothea Orem Dorothea Orem is known for her Self-Care Theory. Orem, Taylor, & Renpenning (2001) [as cited in O 'Shaughnessy, 2014] stated that "The term self-care means care that is performed by oneself for oneself when one has reached a state of maturity that is enabling for consistent, controlled, effective, and purposeful action.” We use self-care
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Another reason nurses do everything for patients is to rush them because nurses like to think every second counts because they are always in a hurry. This is not always good for the patient. In many cases the patient has the ability to care for themselves, but the nurses do not give them a chance. It can be something as small as getting dressed. It is hard to just sit around and watch someone struggle to put their clothes on when you can just go help. Usually when a person helps another a person do things like this, they take away that person’s pride because they view it as you doubting their abilities. It is as if that person is trying to take away their

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