Importance Of Wedding Day Rituals

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Wedding Day Rituals
People celebrate their love in different ways around the world. One of the most common ways to celebrate and broadcast your love is to have a wedding. A wedding is the celebration of a marriage that brings together family and friends who all have a chance to take part in the joyous occasion. Although anyone can have a wedding, every wedding is different in every culture. Most of us know how American weddings go but what about Chinese weddings? Are they anything like American weddings or are they completely different?
In America we all know how marriage starts. A man or woman (traditionally the man) gets down on one knee and asks the partner to marry them. If their partner says yes the two become engaged and prepare to
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Some rituals include sitting on the bed, throwing nuts, and drinking out of the scared wedding cup. After they complete their rituals family and close friends are served a wedding feast. For the rest of the night the guests would play tricks until the wedding ceremony was over. People don’t see the couple off to their honeymoon because the couple are usually the last to leave the party. American weddings go through things similar to this only there’s less tradition involved. Most western weddings will have something similar to an after party at the venue, where family and friends gather around and have a good time with the couple. After that it is typical for people to line up and see the newlyweds drive off to their honeymoon destination. The honeymoon can be another state over to an entire country over; whatever the couple …show more content…
As the world is changing, the Chinese are beginning to adapt to western culture. They are beginning to incorporate some of our customs into their traditions. In most Chinese weddings it is becoming increasingly common for the bride to wear white, especially in the bridal photos. Chinese weddings are becoming a mixture of western and traditional Chinese culture.
Tradition will always be a part of Chinese weddings and it should. Traditions are known to vary from time to time but they will always play an important part in any culture. They have the power to impact people and the way they live. Weddings are a special occasion that shape the way a couple’s life will be. Including tradition into any wedding makes a powerful statement about the soon-to-be newlyweds and the future ahead of

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