Essay On Animal Hospital

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Growing up, I had several pets. I was always drawn to animals, holding an unexplainable connection with them. Whenever I saw an animal, I would run to it, eager to pet and play with it. When told an animal was too dangerous to play with, I would run to it anyways, proving others wrong; as the animals would greet me with the same love and affection I had for them. On two separate occasions, I found lizards stuck on a sticky trap while still alive. This broke my heart to the fullest extent! With an urge to help them, I spent an entire evening gently and carefully freeing them from the traps. Once they were free, I bathed them with Summer’s Eve to rid them of the remaining adhesive, then set them free. After my second encounter with a lizard, I knew following the …show more content…
Once I am fully established, I plan on opening my own affordable veterinary hospital. It will include a small wing for animals which will house them when the shelters become too full. With this, they will be provided with the opportunity to find a loving home to call their own. I plan on giving back to the community by donating animal care packages and free or reduced medical treatment to those who are financially unable to provide for their animals. Hopefully by doing this, I will inspire and encourage other veterinary hospitals and businesses to follow suit in finding ways to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and those within the community. Once my hospital has become established, I intend to travel the world and work as a wildlife veterinarian; treating and operating on wild animals. By doing this, it will preserve wild life and help to prevent the extinction of certain species as I will be caring for them. By carrying myself in a genuine and professional manner, I can be a positive influence in the lives of my co-workers by helping them to be the best they can

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