Importance Of Time Management : The Things Taught Schools And Colleges Are Not An Education

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“The things taught in schools and colleges are not an education, but the means to an education.” In this quote, Ralph Waldo Emerson points out that college is not about the retentive things, but to teach us to thrive for knowledge and the skills necessary to continue learning. I was surprised to learn that even after college certain skills will still be used in my daily life. So, I am expecting to obtain skills such as time management, study skills, critical thinking, and much more through college. One skill necessary to have is time management, time is a well-known importance because we can only lose time. We can never gain it back. So, knowing how to prioritize from important to less important events can help me be more structured. For example, when making my class schedule, I’ll have to make sure the timing of the classes I chose don’t overlap. Therefore, when setting my alarm for classes I’ll have to consider the time I need to get ready, traffic time, and if I want breakfast in the morning. On the other hand, as a college student, I know to set time aside to study to help my academic goals.
Studying is essential because it will help me strengthen and stretch my memory length. Although, as a student, I can’t wait until the semester is over with so I won’t have to study anymore. But little did I know studying skills are avail everywhere and not just used in school. It’s a course of repetition to help ease and encourage the mind to learn. However, I learned that to…

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