Importance Of Therapeutic Communication

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Many professions rely on effective communication in order to function. Nursing is one of those professions. Nurses use communication everyday in order to make sure that their patient is safe and puts their trust in the nurse. There are many positive nurse-client interactions that can enhance effective communication. Therapeutic communication is an important tool in the nursing profession. It provides nurses with a pathway to build trust and understanding with the patient. It was vital to understand the basics of therapeutic communication to understand when to use it. There are many techniques of therapeutic communication that can enhance the nurse client relationship. As student nurses it is important for us to learn about them all and use …show more content…
It is very important for the client to be as honest as they can be so you can give the best care possible. Some of the ways you can establish trust is by greeting the patient by name, providing consistent and competent care, answering questions as honestly as possible, and actively listening (Treas & Wilkinson, 2016, p.476).
Active listening is a critical component in the nurse client relationship. It shows the patient that you are interested in what they have to say by giving them your undivided attention and letting them speak without interruption. Active listening also incorporates clarification by seeking answers . Questions used to facilitate clarification could be “Can you elaborate”? or “What exactly do you mean when you say that?”. Nurses should understand that: “Active listening conveys caring, the will to listen, and provides a comfortable environment for the client to share their concerns” (Treas & Wilkinson, 2016,
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The nursing profession also has values that we uphold. Two of the professional values include altruism and human dignity. “Altruism in professional practice is reflected by the nurse 's concern and advocacy for the welfare of the patients, other nurses, and other healthcare providers.” (The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education). To me that means that the nurse puts her patients and coworkers before herself. Altruism uses the nurses genuineness and positive regard to make sure that the patient is comfortable and is always put first. This means the nurse is selfless and concerned for others and that outranks concern for oneself. The nurse also uses autonomy and responsibility, because the patient always has a right to make choices that the nurse should stand by. Human dignity is reflected by the nurse valuing and respecting all patients and coworkers no matter what. That can be shown by being courteous to not only patients but coworkers as well. The nurse should treat everyone

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