SAI Florence Program Essay Sample

The SAI Florence program I am hoping to attend in the spring runs from January 24th to May 12th at Florence University of the Arts. Tuition is $12,995 and includes housing, in either an apartment shared with other SAI students or a homestay, and many excursions including hikes, cooking lessons, day trips, biking tours, sporting events, and theatre performances around Italy. The program application deadline is November 1st. At the airport on the day of arrival students are met by an ISA representative who distributes apartment keys and an orientation schedule and directs you to a shuttle that goes directly to your apartment. The first week students arrive is orientation which covers local customs, safety information, program regulations, and housing details. They assist students with registering …show more content…
I have a focus on acting and an interest in singing and dancing. One thing we are taught repeatedly is to draw from personal experience to gain a deeper understanding of your character wether you are dancing, singing, or acting. Studying abroad will give me chances to experience new things and be able to draw on emotions in new ways. It will also give me the opportunity to learn new techniques from different teachers and get a different view on principles I have been learning my whole life. A key aspect in performing arts however is to be consistent. Like math or science, repetition of basic formulas is necessary. Without it you run the risk of forgetting information or falling behind your peers. Studying abroad with SAI would give me an opportunity to take courses such as a Dance Workshop, Private Voice Lessons, Chemistry in the Visual Arts, Marketing Strategies for the Arts, and History of Christianity. Not only would I nearly complete my core requirements, I would also get to continue dancing and singing and still be able to keep up with my classmates when I

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