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The Right to Health

This essay is going to discuss and analyze the Right to Health, the importance of health and also how the Right to Health affects child development. The concepts and guidance to protect the health of children; the Right to Health emerged from the United Nations Children 's Right Convention (UN 1989) (referred to as the UNCRC). The importance and relevance of the Right to Health is covered by articles; three, seven, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five and thirty-nine under the UNCRC. The Right to Health is a heightened subject, which is a globally recognized as an issue. The concept of health has changed significantly, becoming more advanced and available. However there are still many countries within the world that
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The introduction of the National Health Service (referred to as the NHS) was seen as the biggest social reform in British history. The idea of a National Health Service was thought of by the Minister of Health (1945-1951); Aneurin Bevan. After the Second World War the hunger for social change worsened. The presence and rates of common illnesses and diseases such as Measles, Mumps and Rubella widely affected child mortality rates began to raise and many children died. The poor standards of living and inequalities of healthcare as well as society’s perception of healthcare lead to the National Health Service. The main principle surrounding the NHS was that “the service was free at the point of use and available to everyone based on need, not ability to pay” (Department of Health, 2010, p.g.1). The perception and development of the NHS has changed over time. The rising costs of running the NHS have risen considerably over the time. The National Health Service and the future of the NHS is a current heated high priority political issue of the current political …show more content…
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