Importance Of Teenage Pregnancy In The 21st Century

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Teen pregnancy in 21st century
Nowadays society has lot of problems and teen pregnancy is one of these. The main cause of majority of teen pregnancies is that teenagers have lack of attention and love from parents and try to find it with somebody else. Society and media also have an impact on the fact that teen pregnancies happen. The group that teenager is friend with might influence their decision to have sex even if the teen is not ready, but in order to look “cool” teens do that, and as a consequence get pregnant. Moreover, because of some TV shows that glamourize teen pregnancy, it is becoming to acceptable and it makes teens to want to become pregnant. It has a lot of consequences for the society, such as lower educational levels, higher
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Numerous adolescences experiment with alcohol and drugs. It can lower the ability to control compulsions and temptation and results up to 75 percent of teen pregnancies (Langham, 2015).
Furthermore, teenagers who do not have education about sex are more likely to have an unintended pregnancy. These teenagers get improper information from their friends, TV, internet and etc. Teens do not have the proper knowledge needed to make knowledgeable and responsible choices about engaging in sexual relationship, that might completely change their lifestyle (Swierzewski, 2000).
During the teenage period teens look for attention and acceptance from their company, so if teen pregnancy is seen as acceptable in school or among friends, they can pursue to become pregnant as the way to gain social acceptance. For instance, MTV has several TV shows that show teen pregnancy as a positive characteristic of life: Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Teen Mom is an American reality TV show that is a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant and chronicles about the lives of four of the original adolescents from that show and how they navigate their first year of being teen mother. It shows the how teenagers have to go through difficulties to raise their children and how the relationship with friends and family changes. This TV show enhances to the point that the media can present teenage pregnancy in a way, that other teenagers might want to become pregnant (TeenInk,
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Teenage mothers majority of the time drop out of school, just because they do not have time for study, busy with their children. More than half of teen moms never graduate from secondary school, and less than two percent of them earn a college degree by age thirty. As a result more people are uneducated (11 Facts About Teen Pregnancy, n.d). Teenage births are associated with lower income for the mother. Majority of teen mothers have to rely on welfare, because they do not have resources for life (Swierzewski, 2000).The reason for this is that they do not have good paid jobs, because majority of them even did not graduate high school. They work at minimum wage jobs such as waitress or dish washer and have to spend money not only for themselves, but also for their child. Children need a lot of resources and care at the beginning stage, so teen mothers simply cannot afford that even if they

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