Importance Of Teaching Reading In The 21st Century

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Signature Assessment
Purpose of Study
Assessment is important for the teachers to do because they need to know where their students stand throughout the school year. “A formative assessment refers to focused and ongoing evaluations, like the scores on quizzes or the observation a teacher makes. A summative assessment comes at the end of a course of study, when students become accountable for their achievement.” Graves, M. & Juel, C. & Grave, B. & Dewitz, P. (2011). Teaching Reading in the 21st Century. Boston, Ma: Pearson Education, Inc. As teachers we have to identify what the students know, their strengths and weaknesses in the classroom curriculum, determine student placement in our classroom, and be able to notify parents if any extra
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The first book I had the student read was Fluffy and Baron by Laura Rankin, the book is about a dog and a duck who become the best of friends and they do everything together until new ducks come around and Fluffy wants to join them, at the end of the book she comes back around with new ducklings and they Fluffy, Baron, and all the new ducklings become best friends again. The second book I chose for the student to read was The Great Reindeer Rebellion by Lisa Trumbauer and illustrated by Jannie Ho. This book was about all of Santa’s reindeer going on strike and Santa having to find other animals to lead his sleigh. He tried cats, dogs, flamingos, kangaroos, and other animals but finally figured out that it couldn’t be done without the reindeer. The reindeer finally came around, but only if Santa gave them a few things such as real beds, a sauna, and cable television. In the end Christmas as able to happen because Santa and the reindeer came to an agreement. I chose these two books because they were on the student’s level for reading, and they were both cute engaging books that I knew the student would like. The story line was easy for the student to follow, and included multiple characters, a setting, and a problem that had to be solved within the story. One of the activities I chose to do is have the students complete two reading passages. The first reading passage I selected was on a second grade level. The story was called A Camping Trip the student had to read the passage and then answer ten questions including multiple choice and short answer questions. (Kreisman, 2015) The second reading passage I selected was on the third grade reading level. This story was called A colorful man the student had to read the passage and answer ten questions including multiple choice and short answer questions. (ReadWorks, 2015) The student did not complete the reading passages together. She completed the A Camping Trip

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