Importance Of Math Problems In The Classroom

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My student is an African American female in fourth grade, for this assignment her name will be Sarah. Sarah is definitely a standout in the class, she is one of the more out going girls, she is definitely a sweet heart, but is often getting scolded for talking or not following directions. She often struggles with behavioral issues in the classroom. She has previously expressed to me about some struggles at home, which makes me think that those problems affect her classroom behavior. English is her first and only language. Although I have been in the classroom all semester I still wanted to ask her a few basic questions to help me create interesting math problems to use. I found out that her favorite candy is Jolly-ranchers, her favorite …show more content…
When it came to the math questions I asked her the following:
1. Miss. C has 15 pockets. She puts 8 Jolly-Ranchers in each pocket. How many marbles does Miss. C have?

2. There are 30 marbles that 6 friends want to share evenly. Each friend wants to have the same number. How many marbles can each friend have?

3. Miss. Salome has 23 goldfish. She wants to put the goldfish into jars, with 10 goldfish in each jar. How many jars does she need?

4. Sarah has 9 boxes of chocolates. Each box has 8 pieces of chocolate. If Sarah gives 14 pieces of chocolate to her sister, how many pieces of chocolate will she have then?

Since Sarah is in 4th grade I decided it was a good idea to give her the questions to look at and to use be able to use the paper and fun colored markers to answer the questions. Sarah was able to successful answer
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I really like being able to work one on one with a student, it gives me time to create a relationship and really get to know the students strengths and weaknesses. I liked being able to ask “how did you get this answer?”, “why did you solve it this way?”, “do you know another way to solve this?” and “how did you know that?”. I was really able to see the how my student thinks verse how I think. It is very interesting and cool to see this difference in thinking and it really shows how children can look at things in so many different ways. For the next step I think it would be a good idea to review how to solve a multiplication or division problem, I think that Sarah drew pictures because she could not remember how to do the problems writing as 23/10 and such. Overall I am glad to be working with Sarah this semester and I think that I will learn a lot about student thinking and my own instructional

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