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‘How important is productive classroom practices in our schools and is a teacher in a mentoring role a necessary compenent to reach this ? What is high quality teaching and how is it recognised?’
The Victorian Auditor’s-general’s Report: Managing Teacher Performance in Government Schools, 2010, p.36) states simply good teaching has a positive effect on student learning and achievement. Bad teaching has a negative effect on student learning and achievement. Schools and their teachers need to be aware of good teaching practices and engage in them to benefit their students.
References to higher quality teaching, or in other words, productive classroom practices, “is within the research tradition of school reform framed around improving pedagogy” (QSRLS,2001, p.5).
Managing teachers’ performance and their development is critical ,both for helping teachers to improve their skills, and
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In Dewy’s (2004/1916) terms, the aims should be general,flexible,able to grow,able to respond to the needs and strengths of individuals and they have been chosen by the mentor and learner (Gair (1997), hales (2006), Hopkins and Putnam (1993), Mann (2002), Mortlock (1984), Nicol (2002) and Priest and Gass (1997), Nicholson, 2013, p.109).
Learners are people of all ages who want to refine, what they know or do, in addition to who collaborate with a mentor to acquire or modify knowledge and adroitness pertinent to his/her role in promoting s child’s participation in a community settings context such as a school. Mentors support learners to improve their performance in a specific situation by guiding them to blend new knowledge and aptitude with what is already known then, to evaluate their progress towards achieving a specific outcome (Hanft el al, 2004, p.5,

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