Importance Of Teacher Expectations In Learning

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Register to read the introduction… To determine whether or not and to extent to which teacher expectations influence learning in the classroom, one must understand what learning is and what is required to facilitate the learning process. Furthermore, one must also know the base on which the teacher acquired such expectations and how it impacts the student’s learning. Learning is described by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “an activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something or as the activity of someone who learns”. In addition, Hamm (1989), states that learning is intentionally coming to know as a result of experience.
For true learning to take place a number of factors are must be in place and pursued in the everyday interaction between teacher and students. Some examples are as follows: feedback- making the effort to encourage and provide communication within the classroom is necessary. Feedback should come from both parties in the learning process and should highlight areas of accomplishment along with pointing out those areas that need improvement. Teachers should encourage students to share their ideas on how they think they can improve their learning
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Even though it is a fact that teachers based on their perceptions and knowledge that is based on facts will have their expectations of students the aim of learning in the classroom should be that all students excel. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to make accurate inferences about their students and take into consideration the differences and varying circumstances that underpin the students capacity and potential to learn and exercise their authority and experience to capture the difference by designing educational strategies that are flexible and catered to the specific needs and personalities. Teachers need to show respect, care, exhibit positive behaviours, make a pleasant and engaging environment, treat students equally, instruct them but not be totalitarian, and guide them through the road of success. Furthermore, if the teachers follow up on their initial low assessments of students’ abilities and provide the instruction and assistance students need to improve, students can improve. In such a situation, the ones who get the benefits are the students and learning can take place in the classroom. The aim of learning is to successfully acquire and internalized the information received, so to be safe and deliver the information and tools required for leaning it is advantageous for teachers to be objective, leave the biases and thoughts and attitudes that would obstruct the possibility of

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