College Education Vs Traditional Education Essay

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As the price of college continues to rise in a world where everybody demands it, it causes one ask themselves whether a traditional college degree is actually necessary to succeed. In today’s society, people believe that the more the college cost, the better it must be. Our generation has had the belief that you need the best education to acquire anywhere with your life beat into them since they were old enough to know what it means. If you do not have a degree you will not make it in this cut throat world, you are fated to live a life working a minimum wage job, barely getting by. However, the increasing financial difficulty of gaining a traditional four-degree is making millions of Americans question whether or not a degree in the traditional sense is actually worth the debt. Specialized colleges or programs would be a better alternative for students who are not looking to go into crippling debt after college, but still need the secondary education provided by institutions. While an elite or private college might look nice on a piece of …show more content…
Just because a person has a masters in economics does not mean that they are going to thrive in that field. Kamberg uses a quote from John T. Murphy’s book Success without a College Degree “’A college degree does not ensure success, and the lack of one does not ensure failure. The key is finding one’s strengths, talents, and passions and then pursuing a course for achieving one’s and dreams’” (Kamberg, par 3). A quality education can help you acquire the job and meet the right people, but overall it is your personal efforts and determination to succeed that governs whether or not you are successful within your career, not the type of higher education you went to. You can acquire the same knowledge from a two-year or public university with a significantly lower cost than from a private, elite

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