Importance Of Subjectivity

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I shall argue that the knowledge that we all acquire as humans is not only subjective, but does involve objective thought. Some have argued that it is not possible to have objective reality because what we learn passes our senses and neurochemistry, making the way that we acquire knowledge a subjective process. I will argue that objectivity is not just possible but vital to how we treat each others, how we work to understand people, and especially ourselves. I believe that subjective knowledge is our ability to sift through the objective knowledge we obtain and decide how to apply that knowledge to every day decisions within our context.

Statement of ethical issue intended to solve:
The ethical issue that is posed when we
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Many during his time were trying to prove that one’s knowledge is merely subjective but Kierkegaard stressed that truth can be both subjective and objective, sometimes at the same time. Kierkegaard explained truth as a paradox, it is objectively defined as subjectively, and in that the outwardness of objectivity is also the inwardness of …show more content…
To be subjective, one employs a more personal, passionate, and practical process to gather knowledge. One could logically see that both theories of knowledge can be utilized in making decisions on truth one would like to hold or believe in. The world is always an issue of two sorts, the way in which it appears to us and the way in which it really is. It is in this quest for truth that we employ both subjective and objective knowledge. If it were merely subjective knowledge that we employed there would always be a revolving circle of conflict about what decisions were just.

Evaluation of argument:
It is my view that if we rely on subjective position only it would not hold up that it can’t be deployed in support of itself. Merely asking the question if one can be objective or not suggest that they can. Who would even care in searching for the truth if someone could be objective if it has not occurred at some point before? Otherwise, we are all just blabbering idiots, going on and on about our own experiences and agendas. We should all strive for objective knowledge. It’s the only knowledge that is untainted by prejudice, preconceptions, or bias and asserts to provide what is good to us

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