Importance Of Staffing In The Hospitality Industry

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Staffing in hospitality industry

Staffing requirements for the hospitality industry
The basic role of the hospitality industry is customer satisfaction. The hospitality industry provides best services to the customers. The industry includes food and beverages, food service management, tourism etc.
The staff of the hospitality industry should behave well with their customers to make them satisfy. They should also have customer communication and customer services skills to work with the public. The staffing requirements for the hospitality industry, hotel industry specifically is given below:
A manager for any business is important. The managers of hotels or hospitality industry look/monitor the working and operations on daily basis. The role
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Staff cleans the bedrooms, and all the other areas of the hotel to give the customers a clean environment.
Roles, Responsibilities and Qualifications for Hospitality Staffing
General Manager Responsibilities, Roles & Qualifications
A general manager is responsible for number of duties to fulfill in hospitality industry. He should be well educated, responsible, have guts to take timely decisions and have good communication skills. The general manager has to direct the employees. The terminations and hiring of the employee’s is the responsibility of the manager.
Decision making is one of the duties of the general manager. He should be good decision maker according to the situations. A general manager form strategies and plans of operation for certain developments, which are directly under his power.
The qualifications of the general manager vary from business to business. He should be experienced, well-educated and responsible. He should be educated about finance, accounting or management to be a general manager.
Responsibilities, Roles & Qualifications of Front Desk
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They welcomed the guests first as they represent the hotel, they are the face of a hotel. They offer the guests with a first and last impression as both greeters of the customers and well-wishers to leaving ones. They should be friendly and possess the good communication skills to the customers.
The staffs members have to look over the customers, welcomed them, registered their entrance into their records and assign them the rooms. They also have to make reservations of the guests, collect payments from the guests. They have to take the complaints and have good skills of problem solving.
Responsibilities, Roles & Qualifications of Housekeeping Staff
The staff of housekeeping is responsible to make clean all of the rooms of the hotel. They are responsible to check the laundry of clothes daily. Keep clean all the furniture and areas of the hotel.
They have to clean and repair erection interiors impaired by fire, smoke, or

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