Essay about Importance Of Social Ideologies And The World

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Importance of Human Variation Since the origin of social civilizations, ideologies regarding race have been in play. Such ideologies include the construct of racial variation. This construct has been engrained in our societal interactions and beliefs for so long it is difficult to break the mold. However, racial variation in human beings is important only because we think it is. To us racial variation is a reality, although it has no biological structure. It holds importance just as substantial as any other concept we believe to be true in our culture, if not more. The saying that racial variation is simply important because we as humans believe it to be emphasizes the importance of social ideologies and the world we have created to cater to those ideologies. Although each person may have their own beliefs about race collectively, the construct of race favors the majority race, leaving racial minorities to struggle with employment and education. The majority race progressed to make this idea of white privilege to better themselves. White privilege is a societal privilege that benefits the majority race, which is the Caucasian race. White privilege is the unspoken construct that white settlers brought to this world to help them earn an advantage over the groups that they were conquering. This idea of White Privilege is something that gets taken advantage of when put into exercise. White people have this unspoken power to influence the way society runs they usually take in…

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