Importance Of Shakespeare In Measure For Measure

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How does Shakespeare in ‘measure for measure’ explore the use of imagery and language to present characters and key ideas.

How you play shows some of your character. but how you win or lose shows all of it. William Shakespeare portrays characters in a way that made people bite their fingers under their teeth. The author presents the play ‘Measure for Measure’ as a tragicomedy, satire, and allegory by its critics. This is because that in some ways it is a comedy but in some ways, it is problem. So, Shakespeare depicts characters in different personalities. Some are in power. some has got a trustworthy character and some has describe as a wise character. the following essay will explore and analyse how the characters portrays in the play ‘Measure
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So, the Duke presents as a consultative character because he consults Escalus before he decides about something. Or he can be describe as a Laisse faire this is because that he delegates the total responsibility to Anglo to work on his behalf. Furthermore, Shakespeare also describes the Duke as authoritative character. “My lard” …”in our legal system” … this demonstrates that the Duke is in power. moreover, the main antagonist who is the villain of the play who rules strictly without mercy also expresses as a Hypocrite who does not adhere to the strict rules but he is imposing that on people around him. In the play, he is in power as the duke is. “to save your brother, you give up your body to the same sort or sweat sin as did the girl he ruined” this indicates that Angelo abuses his power by attempting to pressure Isabella into having sex with him, he is taking advantage not only of his power as a ruler over a subject, but also of his power as a man over a …show more content…
Likewise, the protagonist depicts him as a trustworthy character “I have chosen him to rule in my absence” this means that the duke is pretty sure and has no doubt that Escalus is not experienced. Within the play the author employs various film technique to convince the readers. So, there is use of foreshadowing in the show. “Isabella, you will live chaste, and brother, you will die”. The author deploys various language techniques. To illustrates, “passions are passions” One of the sole purpose of the author by utilising language techniques is that firstly, to inspire and grab the audience attention and to create an expectation upon the viewers. Secondly, the author is trying to ensure that the text has focuses readers' attention in a specific section of the text. In addition to that the author utilise simile in his text. to illustrate, “like unscored armour, hung by the wall” The only reason that the author use simile in his writing is to give information about one object that is unknown by the reader by comparing it to something with which the reader is

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