Youth Community Service Research Paper

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Service can have some of the greatest impacts on the world. Service can take many different forms, and it can help one person, or it can help many people. One issue where service can have an immense impact in with Youth Ministry, which is one of the main ways that I serve the community. Service is important in many aspects of Youth Ministry. Serving the youth, teaching the youth to service, and learning how to be served are three very important aspects of Youth Ministry, and they can help determine the success of the program.
First, serving the youth is extremely important. This is because the youth can learn how important they are through the leaders serving them, and service is one of the ways that can person can show love and be loved. My
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Being confident and successful is one thing, but the humbling experience of putting another’s need above one’s own is what can help a person be even more successful. We help to teach the lesson of service starting in Junior High with the confirmations students, and they have several nights in a year where they are either to serve someone, or they can have some fellowship time. Most of the time we alternate the nights. The lesson about service then moves on to Senior High where all of the students have the opportunity to join in on a mystery road trip where service is one of the main aspects of the trip. The youth get a variety of service projects ranging from Habitat for Humanity, to Boys and Girls Clubs, to homeless shelters and many more. This trip teaches the youth about the fun of service and how putting everything into serving another person is a truly life-changing experience. Sometimes, the youth are able to take this lesson home with them and learn to spot the needs in their immediate communities, and then they are able to start serving right in their home towns. The service that the youth can learn helps to mold the communities that they are a part of, and they have the opportunity to teach others about how to serve well and the impact that service can …show more content…
One of the biggest ways that I remember being taught this lesson is when I was a senior in High School, and one of my leaders on a retreat washed my feet to show me love in a very intimate way. This lesson can very often be much more difficult than learning to serve, and this is because it is humbling to understand that I have done nothing to deserve this, and yet I am still having my feet washed. This learning to be served can translate to a marriage relationship later in life because learning to be served in marriage goes hand in hand with serving one 's spouse. Being able to receive service in marriage allows for the other person to love the one they are serving, and then they are able to receive the service on the other end and it then can be a very balanced relationship, where one isn’t more served or more loved than the other. Successful future marriages in the future helps for healthy families, and for more confident youth for more changes to be made in the

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