Importance Of Security: Engineering For Everyone

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Security – Engineering for Everyone!
Corporations in all sectors share a common goal: to make money. This is not an eye opening statement, but the following might be: “Corporations in all sectors share a common theme – they barely (if ever) care about security.” While some reading this may simply stop at that statement and whisper “he is insane,” many tasked with information security would wholeheartedly agree with me after reading this in its entirety.

During my thought process while writing this, I kept remembering a common statement from many clients, peers, and readings about the topic of the security: “Management doesn’t care. Security is not in the budget… they don’t get it.” This train of thought repeats in many of the articles I write
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I blame the IT engineers workers. Imagine for a moment you are going to work. You get in your car, then take the train to your office. When you arrive, you walk up an escalator or take an elevator to the thirteenth floor. On the way to work, your car breaks down out of the blue, or the train stops. The escalator? Well it starts going backwards, or the elevator just drops mid-way through the trip. Would you be upset? Would you file a lawsuit? Why is it that when your vendors fail you (the company you do business with) during a breach, that you simply shrug it off? The engineer should have brought it to management’s attention: “Hey this is a subpar thing we’re doing here.” This is what engineers do. IT workers? Usually, the tail goes between the legs, little is said. …show more content…
The problem lies with the engineers support staff. They may have little idea of what is relevant, this it is because they are not told specifics, many make assumptions: “We need bigger locks to secure the closet!!!” A manager would say: “What is in that closet? Why would you worry so much about the closet, if you already have a security guard downstairs, and cameras at every angle looking at the closet? If it’s that serious, move the printers to the basement, since it already has a strong lock.” So management will invest the money

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