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During high school I had a difficult time narrowing down what I was truly interested in amongst the many programs. I tried my hand at graphic design and learned it just wasn 't for me However, I learned I was a good artist and began involving myself in my school art program, but my biggest interest has always been science and engineering. Since childhood, I have enjoyed tinkering with technology and investigating how things work, so the choice to try my luck in engineering in high school was an obvious one. Participating in these activities has taught me leadership skills and professionalism, led to the expansion of my horizons as I traveled to new places, and experienced new environments. Thus, with both the help of my academics and multiple activities I hope to prepare myself for college and beyond.
On the academic level, I have taken multiple Advanced Placement (AP) and
Honors classes as a high school student. As a senior, I am taking classes that will let me gauge what math and science will be like while in college. I am currently taking several Engineering and Science classes that will be needed to guide me to and through college. I am aiming to achieve more before I graduate, as it is a part of my goal to be prepared for college and be a successful engineer.
Doing well in all my
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They have taught me the importance of teamwork, how to interact with individuals and groups, and how to serve as a leader. To be a person others can look to for advice and guidance. I hope that one day I can give back to these groups and the community with the knowledge I will gain in the future. The courses that I have taken and the extracurricular activities that I am a part of have given me experiences that are invaluable. Not only have they given me an insight to the college world, but will provide me the knowledge and skills I will need to guide me to my

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