Arguments Against Retribution

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Retribution is a word pro-capital punishment supporters love to use when defending the death penalty. Retribution is another word for revenge. Many people find that retribution alone is enough to put a person to death. A government that supports revenge does not send out a good message to fellow citizens and other countries. A common argument is that the death penalty is used to balance out the crime that the criminal committed. We should do to the criminal what they did to the victim. This argument is flawed because most murderers do not get executed because the death penalty is arbitrary. In order for this to be a valid argument, every murderer would have to be executed. Also, we would rape rapists and steal from thieves. Criminals do deserve …show more content…
Christians struggle with agreeing with the death penalty because it goes against the ten commandments. One of the ten commandments states “thou shall not kill”. Other religions also disagree with the death penalty. Those who believe in God feels that only God has the right to judge who is to die and the death penalty goes against this belief. Pope Frances disagrees with the death penalty calling it a “mortal sin” (Esteves). Although religion/philosophy disagrees with the death penalty, not all of the followers do. Religion and moral beliefs can cause a problem to the victim’s family. The death penalty can tear a family apart because while some family members may support it, others may oppose it. This could cause strain on the family who has already been through a great deal of trauma. A big dilemma is physicians participating in executions because this is said to go against medical ethics. States should not ask physicians to perform an act that will violate medical ethics. By participating in execution, they are breaking their promise to protect and save lives. The American Medical Association and the American Society of Anesthesiologists do not agree with physicians participating in an execution(Gawande). If the state is participating in such a terrible act that it violates medical ethics, then it should not be

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