Importance Of Responsibility To Recycle

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Responsibility to Recycle
The basic mean of recycle is the process of changing the useless materials into the reusable stuff, in order to protect the environment and reduce the use of material, as we all know, there is only one earth in the world, without earth nobody can survive, and we have duty to protect it, and we have Responsibility to Recycle which means try our best to reduce the cost of energy and the waste of resources.
Some people may get confused that why we have responsibility to recycle? First the earth is the invaluable treasure for us, but we are still hurting the earth right now, increasing number of pollution is produced, the environment is getting worth.
Second we don’t have enough resources remainder, the resources that
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The trash which should be abandoned in the second can will be burned or buried. If you put the trash which can be recycled into the wrong can, the trash will be processed as the useless trash, so the material is wasted, and if the useless trash was put into the trash can which is for the recycled trash, some of them might be toxic, and there will be more pollution, because of the improper process.
For instance, there are 1.3 billion tons of iron alloy were made in 2008 which over 500 million tons were made from scrap metal, and 1ton of scrap paper can be made in to 800kg good paper, so, don’t ignore the garbage classification, it’s an important way to respond to recycle. Responsibility to recycle is not difficult for us, we can do it in many small aspects, don’t despise them, 1cent is so cheap, but 100 cents equals 1dollar, if everyone responsible
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Third the duty of governments is protecting their citizens, and responsibility to recycle is a good way to do it, such as developing renewable energy, and subsidize companies in order to develop the new product which is recyclable. It seems that there are not contact of them, but in general, a strong government is the best way to protect citizen, and develop recycling can help government to be stronger. The recyclable energy is the most important aspect of recycling, recyclable energy means it can be used for a long time, even longer than human’s society in the future, such as the solar energy, some people may ask why don’t we build plenty of wind driven generator, so that we don’t worry about the energy in the future, it’s a good idea, but sometimes, it will influence the ecosystem, because some plants need to spread by the wind, and the wind driven generator will influence wind, so we need to do more work on

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