Importance Of Respect In Sports Essay

SHOWING RESPECT IN SPORTS Respect shows people’s true character and how they live life. If you show respect you are normally a better person than someone who doesn’t. If someone is injured and needing assistance it would be respectful to help them and it would be disrespectful to just leave them. Sadly in the world we live in today there is very little respect shown. There is still racism happening and there are many greedy rich people that have enough and still keep their money when they could donate to people who need it. If everyone is respectful the world will be a such a better place. Respect can be shown everywhere from school to sports. In school it can be as simple as raising your hand and not blurting out or holding the door for someone. In sports you can show respect by shaking the other teams hand or helping them up when they get knocked down. I have written a story about respect so here it is.

Zad loves to play basketball. He plays in high school and his team is very good and they
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It started at 3 and it was only 9. Everyone had time to kill so they went to the mall. Zad spotted new basketball shoes that he liked and he begged his dad for them. He finally gave in and bought him a new pair of Paul George 2’s for the basketball game. They stopped at Subway on the way back to the hotel and got a sandwich. When they got back to the hotel Zad didn’t know how to pass time so he just took a nap. When he woke up it was finally time for the game. He slipped his new shoes on and they drove to the stadium. They had never played this team and knew nothing about them. They showed up at the stadium which was massive. The Indiana Hoosiers play there during the college basketball season and they won the championship last year. Zad and his best friend Daquan spotted the other team and they were massive and looked really mean. The game was about to start and everyone was

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