How To Reflect Feelings

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Reflecting feeling:
This is a skill that I have a hard time with because I cannot describe my own feelings. It is going to be hard trying to describe the feelings of the client. During a session, I do not want to say the wrong feeling and the client gets upset with me. I want to learn how to reflect multiple feelings besides just looking at the body posture. I would have to listen very closely to what the client is saying while paying attention to other mannerism if I want to achieve this. When my friends are sharing stories with me, I like to repeat the exact words back to them to make sure I heard correctly. As a counselor, I know that I cannot repeat the same words back to them but I know it would not be difficult for me to summarize their
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I know that I have to set the limit on how far should I confront a person. I have close friends that tell me that they are fine but their actions tell me otherwise. The reason I would notice that they are not fine is because they start crying while saying that they are fine which means they have mixed feelings. I try my best to confront by being gentle and have a soft tone so it would not seem as if I am coming on too strong. I have learned from the textbook and class that it is best to establish a close relationship before confronting a person so it would be easier for them to hear the confrontation. I always like to find the root of the problem before I jump to conclusions and confront too early because I could be wrong about the situation. I have a type of discrepancy where I like to use defensive strategies to avoid change. I like having my free time so I tend to push my friends away and come up with excuses. They have confronted me by telling me that I need to get out more and enjoy their company. I do not want my friends to feel like I have neglected them because I know I would feel sad if they neglected me. I took what they said into consideration and I have made a change to be more open to different …show more content…
I do have friends that I share information with that they do not know so it would make them feel better about the situation. I think it would be hard to try not to disclose too much information to the client. I do not know exactly how much I need to disclose without taking the focus away from them. The most trouble I would have is when to employ the information because I could reveal information at the wrong time. I want to be able to increase the trust I have with the person I have sharing personal information with during a session. I want the client to be able to be open and share their feelings and personal information. I also have to practice this skill because I know it is important to not overshadow the client and bring the attention on me. This skill will not be the hardest but I know that I need practice on what to disclose to a client at the right

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